Norba Multifraction

The Multifraction series present smart and light-weighted waste collection vehicles, which answer to and lead the demands of modern waste disposal. By being able to collect and manage waste individually in separate compartments, the vehicle offers opportunities for recycling and upcycling. As most of our customers are trendsetters in revolutionising waste management, the rear loader stimulates innovation.


Whilst different collecting areas present different kinds and amounts of waste, we have designed the rear loader as to be flexible with this demand too. Therefore, the body volumes vary between 11 to 24 m3. Our customers drive with all sorts of chassis: electric, gas, or fuel driven. To meet these varying demands, the Norba Multi Fraction rear loader can be mounted to virtually any chassis.

More fractions

With the MF series you can collect two different fractions simultaneously. If you wish to compartmentalise the waste collection further, this multi fraction unit is the one for you. It is possible to add a waste collecting pod between the body and cab of this rear loader.


Our efficient lifters

Discharging either lighted-weighted or bulky waste, our lifters are true powerhouses. We have different lifters in store: our L200 and L500 comb lifters and the strong LWS lift which hoists up the large skip containers in one go.